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"The Raven" by Edgar Allen Poe (bilingual edition) for sale now *** La dulingva libreto de E. A. Poe "La Korvo" estas akirebla!

Regular Meetings (Kunsidoj)

   4th Tuesday each month (la kvaran mardon de ciu monato) at 7:00 pm, except December and June or as indicated below at:
    Cobbler Square Loft Apts.
    1350 N. Wells St.
    Chicago, Illinois 60610
    (Old Town neighborhood)
Apudas stacioj: Sedgwick (de Bruna linio) kaj Clark/Division (de Ruĝa linio). Por senpaga parkejo bv telefoni al Viktoro laŭ (773) 344-2276.~ Use CTA Brown Line (Sedgewick stop) or Red Line (Clark/Division stop) plus many CTA buses. For free parking, contact Viktor at 773-344-2276.


25an de Novembro Humberto Perez: “Via sano – per Energia Terapio”. La Adreso: Cobbler Square Loft Apts., 1350 N. Wells St., Chicago

14an de Decembro – Zamenhof Tago 12–4 p.t. La Adreso: MDA Konstruaĵo, 63 E. Lake Ave, 24-a Etaĝo, Chicago

27an de Januaro Temo estos anoncata. La Adreso: Cobbler Square Loft Apts., 1350 N. Wells St., Chicago

Meetings are open to the public and free to attend.

Jara Zamenhofa Bankedo
(Annual Zamenhof Banquet)

The annual banquet is the second or third Sunday in December, honoring the birthday of Dr. Ludwig Zamenhof, born December 15, 1859.
The 2014 Zamenhof Banquet will be Sunday, December 14 from 12noon to 4pm in the MDA City Apartments, 24th Floor, at 63 E. Lake St., Chicago. Use the State/Lake stop on the 'El' Loop. An interesting program will be presented and includs a full lunch and drinks.
The 2012 Zamenhof Banquet was Sunday, December 16 from 12noon to 4pm in the historic Fisher Building on the 19th floor in the Club Room. Use the Jackson stop on the CTA Blue Line. An interesting program will be presented and includs a full lunch and drinks.
The 2011 Zamenhof Banquet was Sunday, December 18 from 12noon to 4pm in Cobbler Square Building in Old Town. An interesting program was presented and included a full middle eastern lunch and drinks.
The 2010 Zamenhof Banquet was Sunday, December 12 from 12noon to 4pm at "SkyLine at Evanston". An interesting program was presented and included a full Indian lunch and drinks.

Esperanto Classes for Beginners Esperanto classes and exams are held periodically or by appointment. They are free. Please go to Esperanto-USA and review their "How to Learn Esperanto" options.

Listo de prezidintoj

1961 Julie Regal
1962 Robert Runser
1973 Kent Jones
1974 George Neumann
1975 John Dale
1976 Adele Olson
1977 Leroy Gill
1978-84 Janet Bixby
1985-86 Jamie Laux
1987-88 Kent Jones
1991-93 Tony Gravango
1994-96 Gertrude Novak
1998-99 Christopher Zervic
2000-01 Umberto Perez
2002 Christopher Zervic
2003-04 Bill Mania
2005 Robert Stalzer
2006-11 Viktor Payuk
2012-14 Leszek Kordylewski

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ESC Graphic
2014 Estraro
Leszek Kordylewski, Prezidanto
Randy Ream, Vicprezidanto
Tina Seastrom,
Sekretario & UEA Delegito
Charlie Gunn, Kasisto
Viktor Payuk, Eksprezidanto

Contact Information:
c/o Randy Ream
1835 N. Natoma Ave. Chicago, IL 60707
773- 262-7738

Zamenhof Banquet 2011
The 2011 annual Zamenhof Banquet on Sunday, December 18 from 12:00 to 4:00pm at "Cobbler Square", 1350 N. Wells St., Chicago

The Esperanto Society of Chicago was informally established in the mid-1950's. It was registered as a not-for-profit organization in 1973 with the goals of disseminating knowledge about the Esperanto language to the public, providing members with access to worldwide Esperanto community, and engaging in cultural and educational Esperanto activities. Internationally, Esperanto is a peace organization that fosters direct communication and understanding face-to-face with "words, not war". Click here to review our Constitution and By-Laws revised as of January 1, 1987. The Society sponsors classes and seminars in and about Esperanto for both beginners and more advanced students. We maintain a small library of Esperanto books in order to provide our membership with reading materials. We also maintain this web site as a resource for our members and for English speakers interested in Esperanto. One of the Society's long term projects is that of translating scientific material into Esperanto.

We often host international visitors, many of whom present speeches at our meetings. The Society's members frequently visit Esperantists in foreign countries and attend the annual national or universal congresses of Esperantists. Outside of its regular meetings, the Society also hosts events such as International Friendship Week in February and an annual Zamenhof banquet in December and a summer picnic in June at Forest Preserve (June 22, 2014 picnic shown). The Esperanto Society meets monthly.

ADDED in 2010: Wikipedia biography in Esperanto thanks to Henri Masson in France!
Click here for his obituary from the February 16, 2004 Chicago Sun-Times. Kent worked tirelessly for the cause of Esperanto, along with handicap accessibility (including transit), and U. S. adoption of the metric system. Besides being president and secretary of the Esperanto Society of Chicago in his 30+ years of service, he devoted himself to education classes in Chicago and across the country, especially with youth-- he served as ELNA's chairperson of their Education Commission and worked with teachers across the U. S. and Canada to promote Esperanto in schools. In addition, he always welcomed guests and visitors to Chicago and his home (and replied to 1000s of e-mails and postal letters) as an ambassador of Esperanto and its principles. Here is a sample of some of his work: R. Kent Jones

Gertrude NovakOMAĜE AL KARMEMORA GERTRUDE NOVAK (1920-2013)...
Dr-ino Gertrude Novak, naskita en 1920, forpasis en Ĉicago la 21an de Majo 2013. Ŝi estis medicina patologo, edukinta plurajn generaciojn de kuracistoj. Dum multaj jaroj ŝi laboris por Rush Medicina Universitato kaj laste – en Stroger Hospitalo en Ĉikago. Ŝi estis senlaca volontulo kiu aktivis en multaj kampoj. Kiel esperantistino, filino de la fama E-isto Novcak (Aǚstrio), flua en Esperanto, ŝi vigle agadis en la movado. Ŝi vojaĝis tutmonde por amikiĝi kun ĉiuj, i.a. en Afriko kaj Sudameriko. Ŝi estis plurjara Delegito de UEA; prezidantino (1994-1996) kaj sekretariino (2006-nun) de la Esperanto-Societo de Ŝikago. Funebra Soleno: 27an de Julio, 11 a.t., Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, 708 W. Belmont Ave., Chicago, IL. (Memorial Service: July 27 at 11:00am at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church, 708 W. Belmont Ave., Chicago, IL) Click here for her obituary from the June 19, 2013 Chicago Tribune written by Bob Goldsborough (or click here for an off-line copy).

Niaj Partneroj (Sister Cities):
Milano E-Societo (Milan Esperanto Society) ~ Milan, Italy is located along the northern border with Switzerland in the center region. Learn about Milan and the Lombardy region at The Italian Government Tourist Board website:

2. Gotenburgo E-Societo (Gothenburg Esperanto Society) ~ Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden. Learn about Gothenburg at Sweden's official website for tourism:

3. Toronto E-Societo (Toronto Esperanto Society) ~ Toronto is the provincial capital of Ontario, Canada. Toronto is on the north coast of Lake Ontario. Learn more about Toronto on Toronto's Convention & Visitors Association:

4. Kijivo E-Societo “Klubo Ora Pordego” (Kyiv Esperanto Society) ~ Kyiv (renamed from Kiev) is the capital and largest city of Ukraine with a population of about 3 million. It is situated on the Dnepr River and in the north center.

5. Hamburgo E-Societo (Hamburg Esperanto Society) ~ Hamburg is Germany's 2nd largest city with a population of 1.8 million. It is situated on the Elbe River and located in the far north center.

6. Varsovio E-Societo (Warsaw Esperanto Society) ~ Warsaw is is the capital and largest city of Poland with a population of 1.7 million. It is located on the Vistula River and located in the center of the country.

Esperanto is a language designed to facilitate communication among people of different lands and cultures. It was first published in 1887 by Dr. L. L. Zamenhof (1859-1917) under the pseudonym Doktoro Esperanto, meaning "Dr. Hopeful One". This name, "Esperanto," stuck as the name of the language itself. Unlike national languages, Esperanto allows communication on an equal footing between people, with neither having the cultural advantage usually accruing to a native speaker. Esperanto is considerably easier to learn than national languages, since its design is far simpler and more regular than such languages. It has only 16 rules of grammar, none of which have exceptions.

Our website:
The Esperanto Society of Chicago maintains this website to educate and inform its members about the inter-national language and the Esperanto movement. You will find a growing list of resources to assist your knowledge of Esperanto:

A Key to the Inter-National Language
Common Esperanto Phrases (with sound files)
Virtual English-Esperanto Phrasebook
Esperanto-English dictionary
English-Esperanto dictionary
The Esperanto Common Roots Glossary

We also highly recommend the following exterior resources for those who are progressing beyond beginner's Esperanto:

Reta Vortaro (Esperanto-Esperanto dictionary) Reta Vortaro contains all of the entries from Plena Vortaro but is updated. Entries indicate whether words are official (and from which official addition), fundamental or `Zamenhofian'.
All-Esperanto Web Chat Frequently used chat room that actually links several chat rooms and is used by Esperanto speakers the world over.
soc.culture.esperanto Usenet group s.c.e is a bulletin-board type resource for discussions in and on Esperanto, with participants from all around the world.